News launches their new VPN Ambassador and VPN Reseller website

BlackVPN – providing premium VPN services since 2009 - has launched their new website to serve bloggers and entrepreneurs who want to profit from the from the growing VPN market worldwide by reselling premium VPN accounts or by being sponsored to write about how to use blackVPN to surf freely, privately & without borders. is for people who want to profit from the growing VPN market worldwide by reselling premium VPN accounts or by being sponsored to write about how to use blackVPN. By focusing on VPN Ambassador and VPN Reseller programs, can reach a different target audience with a different message so as not to confuse customers shopping for a VPN service. is for people who need a premium VPN service. Either at home to stream online TV, on their laptop when they are on the go and on their phone for personal stuff like Twitter while in the office.

Together the Ambassadors and Resellers will function as blackVPN’s international sales, marketing & support partners. Ambassadors will promote the blackVPN brand while Resellers will promote and support their own VPN brand.

VPN Ambassador Program

Writers and bloggers with an existing audience in technology or entertainment can now become blackVPN Ambassadors and be sponsored to write articles and guides on how to use blackVPN. Ambassadors can write about any issue they choose, such as privacy & security issues or services blocked in their region.

The role of Ambassadors is to inform their audience and explain how a blackVPN account can help solve the issue, as well as offering a limited number of their readers a 50% discount on a blackVPN Global Package to try it for themselves.

Ambassadors are paid €2 for each reader who purchases their limited offer. The minimum payout is €50 via PayPal, Bitcoins or bank transfer after each campaign ends.

Ambassadors will also receive a free blackVPN Global Package to research their article and review the service on behalf of their audience.

VPN Reseller Program

Entrepreneurs can now run their own VPN service in their region and languages by becoming a blackVPN Reseller. Approved Resellers – who qualify for a 25% discount on premium blackVPN accounts - start with a website then sell online to customers anywhere in the world.

Resellers can build a niche brand in any market such as privacy, unblocking websites or streaming online TV & movies and reach the growing number of internet users globally who need a VPN service yet are unaware of how using a premium VPN can help them.

VPN Resellers can tap into the global market of non-English speakers who need a VPN – which are currently not reached by – and there is also a market for niche VPN resellers who choose to focus on one specific device (such as Mac, Android, IOS, etc). Niche VPN Resellers can startup their website faster and start selling to their niche market sooner.

Resellers will be providing their customers with a premium VPN service and are therefore expected to have a high rate of returning customers. With just a few hours a day on promotion and customer support, becoming a blackVPN Reseller is a great way to earn extra income.

Who Needs a VPN?

A VPN connection is almost a necessity today to free your internet from censorship, for unblocking websites and for keeping your data private… at home, at work or on a WiFi hotspot. Anyone can use blackVPN to…

  • Access websites and services blocked in their country such as YouTube, Twitter, The Pirate Bay, WikiLeaks and VoIP.
  • Watch the latest episode of their favorite TV series from anywhere in the world by streaming US, Canadian & UK TV & movie sites.
  • Use public WiFi and hotspots without fear of their personal data being stolen.
  • Check personal sites at work using their phone without their employer being aware.
  • Prevent their ISP or government from monitoring and controlling their online activity.

About BlackVPN

Since 2009 blackVPN is one of the highest rated and best value VPN providers for online privacy, unblocking websites and watching online TV & movies. Today blackVPN offers VPN connections to over 12 countries including UK, USA, Canada, Panama, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Russia, Estonia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Singapore. Their VPN service works on all systems (Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, etc) and protocols (PPTP, IPSec and OpenVPN).

Emmanuel Goldstein said “Almost everyone has a need for a VPN connection yet not everyone is aware what they can use it for or why they should use one. There is a huge untapped market that our Ambassadors and Resellers will help us reach out to.”

“We’re interested to see what our Ambassadors will choose to write about and the many new reasons they will find for using blackVPN. Our VPN Ambassador program is similar to an Affiliate program but aimed at more professional bloggers and tech writers.”

“There are many tech, gaming and entertainment blogs out there with their own focus, such as tablets or consoles, who want to grow their income by reselling VPN accounts or being sponsored to show their audience what blackVPN can do.”