Keep Your Data Private

Replace Dropbox/OneDrive/Google Drive.

Store and sync your files in your own private cloud which only your team can access. Create data silos for each department to limit information leaks.

Communicate In Private

Replace Skype & Slack.

Communicate privately via voice and video group chats hosted on your own server. Work together using your own private collaboration tools.

Keep Your Team Secure

Manage Everything Yourself.

Add new team members to your systems yourself using easy to use GUI tools. Relax while we take care of the security and software updates.

Move Your Team To Your Own Private Cloud

Sync & Share Privately

Use Owncloud to privately sync and share files across your team.

Communicate Privately

Group video chats using only your web browser with or Jitsi Meet. No third parties can intercept your conversations.

Collaborate Privately

Host your own team collaboration tools like Mattermost or Rocket.Chat to keep your teamwork private.

Get Online Privately

Connect to the internet via your private VPN server to prevent anyone monitoring or interfering with your internet communications.

Access Everything Via Your Private VPN

Control Access

All your teams data and services are only accessible via your own VPN network.

Prevent unauthorized access and limit your exposure to online hackers.

Keep Your Secrets Secret

All your files and communications are only accessible by your team.

Keep the spooks (like the NSA/GCHQ) away from your private data.

Get Online Securely

Use public WiFi and hotspots without fear that your data is being stolen.

Prevent your ISP, government or hackers from monitoring and controlling your online communications & activity.